Foundation for Ontological Leadership Education

Who Are We?

The Foundation for Ontological Leadership Education is a charitable US organization committed to the training and development of faculty offering the course Being A Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership in their accredited universities and colleges throughout the world. Ontology is concerned with being rather than knowing (epistemology).



The Leadership Course

The promise of the Leadership Course is that you will leave this course being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression. The course, Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership, has been delivered successfully in over 70 universities around the world.


What’s Next for You?

Are you a faculty member interested in this course?  As a university administrator, does the work of FOLE intrigue you?  Are you an interested member of the public?


Revitalize and Expand
the Educational Paradigm

Your support empowers educators and contributes to actually creating leaders, both faculty and student leaders. Become a Friend of FOLE.


The possibility of education is to ignite discovery – discoveries which allow students and faculty to engage with the world, others and themselves in new and effective ways, interrupting the usual drift and creating the possibility of an expanded educational paradigm.

Creating Leaders

Our work with faculty around the world provides access for students to create themselves being leaders and effectively exercising leadership as their natural self-expression.