Foundation for Ontological Leadership Education

Faculty Training for a New Kind of Leadership

Our work is to bring forth a paradigm shift in higher education by restoring education to its original power and meaning. Education, in its original meaning, is to bring forth [ex] and to lead [ducere]. We see ontological leadership development as an actionable pathway to the transformation of education.

The possibility of education is to ignite discovery – discoveries which allow students and faculty to engage with the world, others and themselves in new and effective ways, interrupting the usual drift and creating the possibility of an expanded educational paradigm. Returning education to its original power and meaning would allow for breakthrough discoveries resulting in enhanced performance and higher quality of life.

Today higher education is under attack from all sides. On the one hand, some critics argue that education has been reduced to a mere transfer of information and skills. On the other hand, other critics suggest the educational endeavor has been captured by ideologues who advocate mutually exclusive visions regarding what education should be and do. On all sides, many question the expense of higher education and its added value, if any.

Why is this important? Humanity is facing unparalleled challenges, whether environmental, social, political, or economic. It’s not too much to say that humanity’s own existence is at risk.

If education is to bring forth new discoveries, new possibilities, new solutions, if education is to lead us into a future that is distinct from our past, then the restoration of education to its original power and meaning is not only a good thing to do, it is the only thing to do.